HÁI Swimwear

Made in Luxe Fabric, Cut for Grown-ass Women
HÁI Swimwear

Ready to be kind to your vagina?

Wherever you’re taking a dip, the anti-bacterial fibers in your HÁI swimsuit will take care of you
Ready to be kind to your vagina?

The Second Skin Collection

Soft material across the entire swimsuit, instant comfort from the first wear
The Second Skin Collection

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Travel around the world and holiday in HÁI swimwear

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WE KEEP IT SIMPLE / / We’re not into frilly over-indulgent speeches. So we’ll keep this simple - like our designs.

WE’RE NOT HÁI MAINTENANCE, WE JUST HAVE VERY HÁI STANDARDS / / We’re a team of headstrong perfectionists, and we don’t like to compromise. The materials selected for our swimwear have been researched heavily, they are the best options available, from suppliers we trust. And there’s nothing “off the shelf” about it - the materials we source are dyed to our specific color Pantone and finish selections, totally unique to HÁI.

WE LOVE BEING CLOSE TO THE OCEAN / / At the beach, on a boat, or on a rooftop bar sipping sunset cocktails. We design HÁI pieces for the most minimalist of capsule travel wardrobes, taking you from the midday heat into the après-beach bar.

OK, A LITTLE PHILOSOPHY / / We believe in spending a little more and buying a little less. We want to wear things that make us feel good, and we’re over chasing fashion every three months - we have better things to do. That’s why we stick to classic, timeless cuts and simple silhouettes. Our swimwear won’t go out of style before your next beach vacay, we promise.