HÁI Swimwear

Made in Luxe Fabric, Cut for Grown-ass Women
HÁI Swimwear

Ready to be kind to your vagina?

Wherever you’re taking a dip, the anti-bacterial fibers in your HÁI swimsuit will take care of you
Ready to be kind to your vagina?

The Second Skin Collection

Soft material across the entire swimsuit, instant comfort from the first wear
The Second Skin Collection

HÁI X Influencer

Travel around the world and holiday in HÁI swimwear

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What is HÁI?

HÁI or 「 海 」means Ocean in Taiwanese.
HÁI was born in Taiwan, surrounded by Ocean. The dream of two fashion girls who love to travel and spend time at the beach on holiday.

Why HÁI?

Fashion X Function
Fashion isn’t enough for us anymore. That’s why our swimwear is made in a luxuriously soft and stretch-treated fabric. The treatment applied provides a protective anti-bacterial layer, protecting your skin from the elements in every Ocean, pool dip & jacuzzi hot tub…

Cut X Construction
We design and make bespoke choices about everything down to the color of the yarn, every HÁI One Piece and Bikini is created from scratch, and we aim for each collection to include styles for all shapes and plus sizes.

HÁI Cares

Be kind to the Ocean! - The Eco Edit
We are committed to environmental protection. We started The Eco Edit collection to remind ourselves that we are accountable for the things we make. It embodies these values and features products that are kind to the ocean.