The Bebe Bandeau - Topaz Orange

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A sleek beach-bandeau for the minimalist. Named after HÁI Co-Founder the beautiful Bebe. Because she is awesome, and so is this perfectly cut double-lined bandeau, with adjustable straps on both the bust and the back, so you can fit this to fit your exact size girl. Werk.

Size & fit notes:

Bandeaus can be tricky for a lot of busts - we’re not all a perfect bust-to-back size ratio, and we wanted to make a bandeau that could comfortably fit as many women as possible. Adding the two separate adjustable straps to the Bebe Bandeau means you can allow a little give for bigger busts or bigger backs, but still hug tighter where you need to. You’re welcome!


Swimwear: 86% Polyester+14% Elastane


Beach Towel: 100% Cotton


Hand Sanitizer: 70% Alcohol, Water, Tea Tree Oil, Lemon Oil


MÒ Dress Collection : 100% Cotton



- Hand wash cold.

- DO NOT use bleach.

- DO NOT tumble dry.

- Air dry flat.

- Wash separately from the rest of your laundry.

We choose a less chemical-intensive dying method to treat our swimsuit fabric. This means that the first 2-3 times you hand wash your swimsuit, there will be some excess dye run-out from the material into the water. Don’t be worried, this is completely normal and will not affect the long-term color of your swimsuit! Just keep it separate from other laundry so the dye cannot stain other fabrics.

THE ECO EDIT - Beach Towel / /

Warm iron with steam if needed.

HÁI MAINTENANCE - Natural Tea Tree And Lemon Essential Oil Hand Sanitizer / /

Storage: Please store hand sanitizer in a cool, dry environment away from direct sunlight and heat.

Precautions: Store hand sanitizer out of the reach of pets and children and children should use it only with adult supervision. Do not drink hand sanitizer. Avoid contact with eyes and wounds. If irritation occurs, stop using the products.

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All-Size Swimwear

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Anti-bacterial Fibers

We all know to pick cotton undies so our vaginas can breathe. But what about our swimsuits? It’s hot and sweaty on the beach, and don’t get us started on bacteria in the pool! We designed our new collection to be just as kind to your vagina as your favorite pair of cotton panties. So wherever you’re taking a dip, the anti-bacterial fibers in your HÁI swimsuit will take care of you.

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