HÁI Career Women - Ruki, a police officer!

HÁI Career Women - Ruki, a police officer!

Why do you want to become a police?

Well, I didn't have any thoughts about my career after university. I became a department store sales staff at shu Uemura after graduation. After a while, I wanted to find a stable job and give myself a chance to prove myself. It's pretty hard to get back into study mode after so many years, so I gave myself a year only. I was fortunate to pass the test and become a police.


As a police, what gives you a sense of achievement?

Being a police in Taiwan is just like working in the service industry. We have to get involved with everything, from the most minor thing like resolving an argument to catching a murderer. I feel like a true police when we catch a criminal.


Do you find it hard to fit into this job as a woman?

Of course! The system runs by men. There's a wide gap between men and women. I work in the Special Unit, and it's even rarer to find women in my line of work.

How do you deal with stress?

Going out to drink!!! Haha I like going out with friends for a drink or two to rant or cry on their shoulders. But I got over it fast tho.

What advice would you give young women who wanted to do this job?

I would suggest looking for other opportunities, ha. Being a cop is hard! Of course, there are great moments, but generally speaking, it's a tough job. I would recommend looking into what we do before jumping in. Make sure you understand the day-to-day tasks and duties before you make a decision.

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